Morrison-Tyson: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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Remember Tommy Morrison? In a more sports world with a little more flair than the one we inhabit, his story would be among the most compelling. Distant relative of John Wayne, co-star with Stallone in Rocky V, briefly heavyweight champion, beat George Foreman, spent 14 months in jail and, oh yeah, was diagnosed with HIV but now says it was a false positive after years of claiming HIV had no connection to AIDS. Quite a lot to pack into 37 years.

And now he's back in the news, claiming he wants to fight again, for the first time in 10 years, against Mike Tyson, of all people. He says Tyson just lives down the road from him and would be potentially up for a fight. We can't imagine what the neighborhood get-togethers are like; Morrison telling Stallone stories while putting Tyson's pet leopard or something.

Anyway, a Morrison-Tyson matchup would be yet another sad final step in the death of boxing, everything that's wrong with ... oh, we'd just all watch it.


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