Yesterday, relief pitcher Guillermo Mota was suspended 50 games for testing positive for steroids, and, as Baseball Musings points out, he at least didn't do the "might have accidentally put the wrong thing in my body" excuse; he manned up and apologized for his mistake. The suspension proves what we've known all along; middle relievers are destroying the beautiful game of baseball.

This leads, of course, to the other question that, strangely, isn't be asked: The reason Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte are considering retirement wouldn't happen to have anything to do with steroids, would it? Despite the recent revelations โ€” disputed, but not disproven โ€” that Clemens and Pettite are in the Jason Grimsley HGH report โ€” it seems odd that most stories about the duo's "indecision" don't mention the steroid business, but they don't. Personally, we can't imagine why either pitcher, at the tail ends of their careers and so much more to lose than to gain, would put themselves in the sniper's scope one more season, but we don't know why Barry Bonds is coming back either.

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