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Mother, Escalator, Crowd Team Up To Ensure Boy's Sock Looks Like Schilling's Before Bruins Parade

The Bruins Stanley Cup parade didn't go as well as Jennifer Nottage, her six-year-old daughter Alyana and 12-year-old son Elijah had hoped. Here's Nottage's email account of what happened on a commuter-rail stop's escalator, courtesy of Universal Hub:

My kids, ages 6 and 12 and I were about 3/4 of the way up. I was taking pics of the crowd.

At that moment, the chain or something snapped and the escalator flew backwards. People fell screaming ran up if they could. I lifted my daughter (the 6 year old) up. She grabbed the railing and held on. Someone on the stairs pulled her to safety.

My son's feet got sucked into the escalator stair part. He yanked them out, his shoes stayed behind. He was cut and bleeding.

When I fell forward, people trampled over me - foot prints on my back, etc.! My left thigh and knee were stuck slightly in the escalator stair; I pulled it out, raced to top where my kids were. We were all in shock! Went to hospital, etc., nothing broken but crazy intense pain in my leg and back. My son's ankle is a balloon this morning.


Noted a commenter 10 minutes after the account was posted...

Maybe if you hadn't been distracted by taking pictures while riding a moving escalator, you could have reacted quicker and not gotten trampled and injured. Best of luck on the lawsuit you're clearly attempting to lay the groundwork for.

To which "The mother in this story! (not verified)" retorted:

First I was contacted and my story was requested. I did not seek anyone out to air this! I was not laying "groundwork". However I am not even going to entertain those disgusting remarks. I am just thanking God that my children are OK. I am truly blessed that things were not worse. The photo I took was to capture my best friend and god son who were on the stairs.
I was not distracted and my iPhone was back placed away by the time the moment happened when the escalator malfunctioned. This incident was not due to passenger negligence this was due to a piece of machinery malfunctioning. One thing is for sure I will never ride one again! I am holding my children a little tighter today!


Insufferable in times good and times bad.

Son's feet sucked in, mother trampled when escalator breaks at Back Bay station [Universal Hub] (H/T Stewart M.)


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