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Twitter is a medium tailor-made for unfiltered opinions and anonymity, and Mr. Sports Journo has excelled in cornering both areas while maintaining an air of mystery going on two years. We don't know who he is (although we certainly have our suspicions). All anyone seems to truly know about him—and we're guessing he's a he—is from his brief bio at @BIGSPORTSWRITER:

Lifetime sports columnist at a Major Paper/Outlet. Former Sports Network regular, haven't seen a newsroom in 33 years and counting...


That's all. But it's been this cloak of anonymity that allows him to dish out cutting 140-character doses of criticism—it was his epic screed against Bobby Knight a few months back that first caught our attention—and no subject ever seems off-limits. That's why he's joined us today, ready and willing to answer anything that might be on your mind, so fire away with your questions ... now!

UPDATE (7:50 pm): Sorry, the chat is now closed! If you missed anything, check it out below. Thanks again to @BIGSPORTSWRITER for stopping by and being generous with his time.

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