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Chinese Muay Thai fighter Gou Dakui scored two knockouts for the price of one last week at a MAX Muay Thai event. First, he liberated his opponent Super X Sitsontidech’s soul from its body with a snapping right hook, and as he was following up the finishing blow, he unleashed a head kick. Unfortunately for the official in charge of the fight, he was in the process of breaking apart Dakui and Sitsontidech, which meant he ate the head kick full-on. Rough timing, dude.

Another official, one who hadn’t been incapacitated with a mondo kick to the face, called off the fight after determining that Sitsontidech could no longer fight, or stand really. The second official didn’t enter the ring, though, probably out of fear of also getting starched by Dakui.

Staff writer, Deadspin

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