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Much Respeck For TNT

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We have to give the mad propers to TNT, which is promoting its upcoming NBA television schedule by giving their promos to the great Ali G. The hysterical faux hip-hopper interviews Lakers "star" Kobe Bryant and Esquire's Chuck Klosterman subject Steve Nash in commercials that YAYSports! helpfully directs us toward.

In the first one, Ali G talks to Kobe and tries to figure out how a basketball bounces without springs. But the second one is our favorite, in which Ali G argues with Nash about the importance of his "MP3" award last year. "No disrespect to you as a Canadian, but you don't even speak English, so shut up." Pretty great stuff.


Ali G Interviews Steve Nash [TNT]
Ali G Interviews Kobe Bryant [TNT] (both via YAYSports!)

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