Muhammad Wilkerson's Mom Goes On Radio To Blast Reporter Who Said Her Son Had "Issues With Alcohol"

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Yesterday, New York Daily News reporter Manish Mehta suggested that defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson, who was recently cut by the Jets and is currently visiting Green Bay and New Orleans, shouldn’t sign with the Saints because of “issues with alcohol.” This understandably pissed off Wilkerson’s mom.

Mehta, who covers the Jets, has a history of picking at Wilkerson through anonymous team sources. Even though Wilkerson is now a free agent, Mehta still wanted to weigh in:


Mehta defended himself on WFAN this morning, saying that sniping at Wilkerson from afar wasn’t personal, and claiming that while Wilkerson might not technically be an alcoholic, “he has had issues with alcohol and drinking in the past.” Wilkerson’s mother Ka’idah called in after Mehta and ripped the poor sucker. “He’s always written horrible things about my son,” she said. “Muhammad does not pay Manish any attention, so therefore he always has something against him. Where’s his proof? Where’s your proof, Manish? ... I’m just livid. I’m just livid with him.”


Meanwhile Mehta has yet to hitchhike home, like he promised he would after his prediction at the 2014 draft went bust.