Blogging anti-blogger Murray Chass has written one of his patented half-lucid anti-blog blog posts about the Hall of Fame. Near the end of the post, he dodders over to the subject of his own voting habits. This one's a treat:

When I voted for the first time, I submitted a full ballot, all 10 lines filled with names. By the time I voted a year later, I had reconsidered what I had done. In voting for 10 players, I was saying in essence I wanted to see 10 players inducted into the Hall at the same time.

How foolish, I realized. Having 10 players enter the Hall at the same time would detract from the honor for each player. In addition, the induction ceremony would take forever and require a break for dinner. On subsequent ballots I placed an X next to three or four names at the most, sometimes only one or two.

A break for dinner! This is too perfect. Hall of Fame voters are so pompous and self-important that they can't be bothered to sit through the Hall of Fame's induction ceremony.

[Murray Chass, via Hardball Talk]