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They're not likely to become as popular as the Carolina Panthers cheerleaders, but the Nigerian national women's soccer team, known as the Super Falcons, is trying their hardest. Lesbianism is rampant on the team, according to former coach Sam Okpodu, and it is awesome, according to me.

It's difficult to find a group picture big enough to tell exactly what we're working with on the Super Falcons, but regardless, I encourage them all to express their love for each other in whatever way they see fit. And from what I can gather, they are the dominant team on the continent, so maybe there's something to the idea of teammates loving each other in that special way.

I think the New York Knicks should try it. Nothing else is going to work for them, so do your thing, Steve Francis. Just because you can't start doesn't mean that you can't contribute. Get in that locker room and kiss someone, Franchise.

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