Myles Garrett Falls Victim To NFL's Terrible New Roughing The Passer Rule

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The NFL’s new roughing the passer rule is terrible and insane, penalizing otherwise normal football plays by prohibiting defensive players from landing on a quarterback with their body weight—which is extremely difficult if not impossible to do sometimes. In true Cleveland Browns fashion, they were one of the first teams to get screwed by it.

In a scoreless game in the second quarter, with the Steelers in the red zone, Ben Roethlisberger threw a third-down incompletion as he was pursued and then hit by Browns DE Myles Garrett. It was a fine tackle from Garrett, who wrapped up the QB by his torso and immediately rolled off him once they hit the ground. Somehow, that qualifies as a personal foul, and on the very next play, James Conner ran in for a TD and a 7-0 Steelers lead.


Could the NFL please just stop shooting itself in the dick?