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Mysterious, Gaseous Noise Invades The Buick Open

The alleged "Tiger Woods farting" video is making its way around the blogosphere, yet everyone may be too quick to blame Eldrick for this mighty rip during the Buick Open.

Unless CBS had a special microphone right next to his ass, it doesn't seem plausible that Woods could be the culprit. Yes, just a few seconds before blast-off, we see Woods loosening his hamstrings by kicking his legs up behind him, followed by the alleged fart, then a shot of he and caddy Steve Williams chuckling, but this is all circumstantial and hardly implicates Tiger.


If that strange splattery noise heard was, in fact, a purposeful release, it must have come from inside CBS' studio. If so, this is CBS's second brush with a noisy sphincter on-air in the same calendar year, which, to me, makes someone in the booth the prime suspect — not Tiger.

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