From the "NHL is not a minor league" Dept.: some mystery folks at Pengrowth Scotiabank Saddledome threw a big-ass salmon on the ice during Saturday night's game. Nearly ruined Hockey Night in Canada.

(If you had to look up which team plays at Scotiabank Saddledome, welcome back to the post. If you don't want to look it up, it's the Calgary Flames. We're 70 percent sure of it.)

No one knew who they were, until the fellows uploaded a "Sabotage"-scored video to YouTube. Have fun with their triumph, because they sure did.

The best part, aside from the matching Trevor Linden jerseys? Security just let the two gentlemen return to their seats. They paid at least 14 loonies for those seats, ya knooow, so they're not gonna give 'em up easy.


Investigation Time: The Fish-Chucking Canucks Fans [Orland Kurtenblog, H/T reader Mike]