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Mystery Woman Linked To Jerry Jones Scandal Tells Her Side Of The Story

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Earlier today, we received a press release from an attorney representing Jana Weckerly, a woman who has previously been linked to those gross photos of Jerry Jones and some strippers. Until now, we didn't know for sure how Weckerly was, if at all, involved in the saga. After speaking to Weckerly's attorney on the phone, we now have her side of the story.

I spoke to Thomas Bowers, a Dallas attorney who has been advising Weckerly since the story broke. He told me that Weckerly is the one who snapped the photos of Jerry Jones posing with two strippers, but that she never attempted to use them to blackmail Jones, as was alleged by Frank Hoover, the man who originally leaked the photos and also believes that he is the son of God.

Bowers told me that Weckerly was invited out that night by the two women from the photos, strippers named Lindzie and Jordan, and that the three of them began hanging out with Jerry Jones after bumping into him. The press release Bowers sent us alleges that Weckerly refused repeated advances from Jones, who eventually got mad and had his security guards physically remove her from the club. Bowers told me that "some pretty egregious stuff" went on that night, and that Weckerly remains traumatized by it all. He told me that Weckerly is considering bringing litigation against Jones.


Bowers also said that Weckerly did in fact give the photos to a man named Kevion Hickman, another person who makes an appearance in Frank Hoover's description of the grand extortion plot, but that she does not know how the photos fell into Hoover's hands. They suspect that Hoover stole them from Hickman's computer at some point.

Oddly enough, this all pretty much jibes with Frank Hoover's version of events. I've spoken to him on the phone a few times since the pictures surfaced, and he laid out the same story—Weckerly took the photos and gave them to Hickman, and they eventually arrived in Hoover's hands—save for the addition of the extortion plot.


There is also the question of whether Weckerly is an escort. An email address from her defunct Pinterest page also appears on an escort review website under the profile of a woman going by the name Jenna Jayde. Bowers assured me that Weckerly is not and never has been an escort.

You can read the full release from Bowers below:

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