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Naked People Are Stridently Anti-Willie Randolph

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We don't deal with a lot of public relations people around here, which is one of the many pleasures of writing on the Internets. (For now.) But for some reason, we are on the mailing list for Rick's Cabaret in New York City — we don't know why! Swear! — and we received the following email today: "RICK'S CABARET GIRLS SAY AXE WILLIE RANDOLPH IN UNSCIENTIFIC POLL!" Unscientific? You don't say!


Anyway, the ladies lacking clothes say the Mets manager should be axed. It's simply math!

Several NY Mets and NY Yankees can be considered "regulars," and the dancers at the club are unofficial experts on Baseball because they have met so many players from so many teams.

A Rick's dancer has been conducting a poll asking her fellow dancers if Mets Manager Willie Randolph should be let go. The "Dressing Room Poll" results are an approximation from the last week, with about 100 dancers saying that he should be fired, and only a handful saying that he should stay.

Rick's Cabaret Spokesperson Lonnie Hanover said, "The girls have a keen interest in Baseball, and they are entitled to their opinions. The club itself did not participate in the vote."


We love the idea that the cabaret itself is hedging its bets; they wouldn't want to push Omar Minaya in any particular direction. But Omar: A consensus is building!

We didn't run the picture they sent us with the email, because our mom reads this site. Also: We're not Drew.

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