Napoli's Manager Blasts The State Of The Team's Half-Built Locker Rooms

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Following a summer of renovations at Napoli’s Stadio San Paolo—a project that forced the team to play its first two games of the season away from home—the stadium’s locker rooms are still not ready for use. Which has manager Carlo Ancelotti absolutely furious.


Here’s the current state of the locker room, as shown in a video posted by the club’s official Twitter account:

In a statement posted on the club’s official website, Ancelotti said he is “dismayed” by the state of the dressing rooms and “shocked at the incompetence of the people in charge of the work.” “There are no words,” Ancelotti said, adding that “You can build a house in two months, but they weren’t capable of renovating the dressing rooms!”

The leaders of the construction efforts disagree with the manager’s assessment. “I am baffled by the statement by Ancelotti,” said Filomena Smiraglia, the architect of the renovation, per the BBC. “We had a visit to the dressing room by the Napoli vice-president Edoardo de Laurentiis, who complimented us in front of the workers for the work.” An administrator of another company involved in the construction agrees that things are perfectly on track, saying “The locker room work is over, except for small finishes that will be completed tomorrow. ... We are not late, in fact we are ahead on contractual times.”

The club itself, as evidenced by the tweeted video and the posting of Ancelotti’s statement on its official site, seems to share the manager’s frustrations. Napoli also deny Smiraglia’s claim that the club’s vice-president told her he was happy with the state of the renovation. Regardless of whether the locker room renovation is delayed or on time, it’s already a huge embarrassment that it’s not done yet so close to when the team is supposed to be using it. Let’s see how dumb this thing can get!

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