NASCAR CEO Brian France, Hall Of Famer Bill Elliott Endorse Trump For President

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Donald Trump—who is what happens when a fart farts and also quite possibly the GOP nominee for president—got a collection of endorsements today from NASCAR: Chairman and CEO Brian France, Hall of Fame driver Bill Elliott, and current drivers Chase Elliott, Ryan Newman, and David Lee Regan.

OK, so his press release says David Lee Regan, but the only active chase driver listed with a name quite like that is David Ragan. It’s a small detail, sure, but maybe the kind that a future leader of the free world should get right. Or perhaps, in true Trump-ian fashion, he’ll say he was too busy winning to bother with details. Here’s the full press release:


Via Dan Wetzel, NASCAR said France’s decision to endorse Trump was a “private, personal decision,” which requires ignoring the very public press release that proclaimed “I am proud to receive the endorsement of such an iconic brand,” the fact that France spoke at a Trump rally that was broadcast, and that France is the head of a million-dollar sports enterprise popular in southern states heading to the polls on Super Tuesday. Really, there’s nothing private about this at all. NASCAR’s leader loves Trump! Here’s the video where France, Elliot, and Co. endorse Trump.

Feel free to watch the whole thing, but the highlights are France saying “I’m here to tell you that he wins with his family.” That’s followed by Bill Elliott saying “I’ve known him just a little bit but, for what he can do for our country, I’m all for it. We need a change, guys. that’s all there is to it, and I think this is the man for the job.”


Nothing says hearty endorsement like “I’ve known him just a little bit,” right? Now here’s John Oliver scorching him for a palate cleanse.


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