NASCAR Jesus Would Like To Buy You A Bud

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This is the vision of artist Katie Cooper who explains Baby Racing Jesus this way:

"I picture him coming back today, to save those who have claimed him as their savior. What would that Jesus have to be like, to want to save people like us? He would have to be a fan of consumption. He would constantly have jingles and advertisements running through his mind, and would be moving too busily and too quickly to stop and take a breath. When thirsty, this Jesus would want to grab a cold one. The King of Kings and the King of Beers are together at last. NASCAR Jesus."


Well, duh. Of course, Jesus would like cold ones. He's an American, isn't he? On the other hand, NASCAR fans aren't the people he has to win over. I hope he likes drinking white wine spritzers in the luxury boxes, too.

NASCAR JESUS [All Left Turns]

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