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Nathan Moore Would Like To Know, Is That A Titleist?

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It's hard to believe that the man pictured here is accused of attacking a young child with a golf club while out on the course. He looks so calm and centered.

Nathan Moore, of Peroia, Ariz., was playing in a tournament at the Golf Club of Estrella in Goodyear, Ariz., on March 1, when he confronted a 12-year-old whom he accused of taking his ball. A group of boys had been collecting balls on the course. A measured, peaceful exchange ensued.

According to police, Moore got into an argument with a child near hole No. 15, picked up the boy by the neck and crotch and threw him into a bush. He then hit the child in the calf with a golf club and went back to playing, police said. Both Sprague and the boy's mother described the boy as small for his age and weighing less than 80 pounds. Neither could imagine him provoking such an attack.


Moore was subsequently arrested (thus this accompanying glamor shot), and could face felony charges. The most troubling aspect of this story, however, is the following paragraph:

Julio Laboy, a supervising attorney for Moore's attorneys, said Moore denies the allegations but declined to comment further.

And so we are left to ask, who supervises the supervising attorney for Moore's attorneys?

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