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Nation Of Islam Sportsblog Is No Longer Highly Respected

I've kept mum on all of the Deadspin Hall of Fame races thus far (remember, voting ends tomorrow afternoon), and this late into the game there are still some races up for grabs. A.J. Daulerio's Super Bowl weekend is still well below the pace for enshrinement, but if he thought events from this past weekend would help him, boy is he mistaken.


Earlier this weekend I was pointed in the direction of Nation of Islam Sportsblog, who was cited in a Philly Magazine blog post as being a "highly respected sports blog." The gist of NOIS's post was that the mainstream media had finally accepted their message. Big deal, I thought to myself. Daulerio was the one who wrote the Philly Mag post, and he was fully aware of what he was doing.

The next morning, I went back to the post and the term "highly respected" was removed, and simply referred to NOIS as a "sports blog." Highly damning.

Who changed it? Was it the AJ Daulerio? Or was it his editor? I haven't heard back from Daulerio (not everyone sidles up to their computer on the weekends, I suppose), but from what I know about newspaper blogs, higher-ups do enjoy having editorial control over them. And we all know how much editors detest citing blogs and taking them seriously, because then it bites them in the ass.


So I implore you, AJ Daulerio, to speak up and throw your editor under the bus. Call your editor out and say you weren't the one who disrespected the Nation of Islam Sportsblog with a sneaky post-publication edit. Play the race card. It may be your best chance to make it into the Deadspin Hall of Fame.

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