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Houston and Washington had some unfinished business yesterday, wrapping up a suspended game that took two months, two cities and three teams to complete. And the winning pitcher got the decision while taking a nap in Philadelphia.

The Astros' May 5th game at Washington was called on account of rain, with the teams tied 10-10 in the eleventh. When the game resumed yesterday—in Houston this time, before their regularly scheduled game—Elijah Dukes was on first base and Joel Hanrahan was the pitcher of record for the Nationals. There were just a couple of snags. Dukes is in the minors and Hanrahan plays for Pittsburgh now.


Hanrahan, who pitched a scoreless top of the 11th inning for the Nationals back on May 5, was traded to the Pirates for Nyjer Morgan last month. Morgan pinch ran for Dukes in this game and promptly scored the winning run in the bottom of the 11th inning. That means Hanrahan got the win—his only one of the season—even though he's not on the team anymore and the man who scored the decisive run was playing for Pittsburgh when the game started. Interleague play is so confusing!

So if two of the worst teams in the National League combine their rosters, they're just good enough to beat Houston. I think I see a plan here ... or at least a hilarious sitcom.

Hanrahan earns victory on day off []

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