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"Nazi Octopus" Executed For Paul's Prophecy

Death threats didn't faze Paul, perhaps because of his large security detail. But that didn't stop an Argentine TV presenter from taking out the country's rage on an unrelated octopus, beheading and blending it.

Some have posited that Paul doesn't actually predict the future; instead, he warps time and space to make the outcome match his selection. Argentina is still smarting over their loss to Germany, as predicted by Paul, so they got a little televised revenge.

Roberto Pettinato, the Argentinian television equivalent of a shock jock, exorcised the demons of a nation.

[A]fter branding the animal a "Nazi" he grabbed an octopus live on air and claimed to be killing it as he hacked its head off and put bits of it in a blender.

Pettinato said as he lowered him into the machine: "Your moment has arrived, little Nazi octopus."


Before you write angry letters and address them simply "Argentina," relax. The octopus was dead. They're killed all the time, because they're delicious. This one just happened to go as a martyr.

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