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NBA Admits Officials Botched Four Calls At The End Of Game 2

Illustration for article titled NBA Admits Officials Botched Four Calls At The End Of Game 2

The NBA released its officiating report from Game 2 of the finals today, and, not surprisingly, the league found that the refs made a mess of the four calls that had you screaming at your TV during the closing minutes of the game.


The most egregious of the missed calls came with just under 1:40 remaining in overtime, with Cleveland leading Golden State 92-91. James drove left on Andre Iguodola, stopped in the lane, shuffled his feet for a bit while looking for space to shoot, and was raked across the arms by Iggy as the shot clock expired, sending everyone to social media to complain about the missed calls.

Yes, Iguodola fouled LeBron James when he went up for the shot. But also, James traveled before Iggy hacked him, so the non-call on the foul unintentionally brought some sense of justice to the play.


One thing that is of note—and will more than likely have the officials’ attention in tonight’s Game 3—is the pair of non-calls against Draymond Green during two separate jump balls.

The first occurred at the start of overtime, with Green yanking down and pushing Tristan Thompson, allowing the Warriors to gain possession to start the extra period.

The second time came with 45.4 seconds remaining in OT, this time with James being on the receiving end. Again, Green used his left hand to pull down James, causing both players to miss the tip attempt and allowing the ball to come down, at which point James catches it and passes it J.R. Smith—a violation that gave Golden State the ball.

Ultimately, all four missed calls—three of which should have gone against Golden State—did not unfairly swing the outcome of the game, but do not let this stop you from complaining loudly about them while watching the rest of the series.

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