Ja Morant deactivates Twitter, Instagram accounts after flashing gun on IG Live [Updated]

The Memphis Grizzlies superstar will be away from the team for at least the next 2 games

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Ja Morant allegedly flashed a gun during an Instagram Live story
Ja Morant allegedly flashed a gun during an Instagram Live story
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It’s not that I don’t think Ja Morant can read a room. I think he can, which is why his Instagram Live story where he appears to hold a gun is so maddening. If you’re unaware, Morant has been in the news this week because details emerged from an incident where he allegedly punched a teenager and flashed a gun, along with some other dumb shit that would easily go away if he would stop provoking people.

Ja Morant's Instagram Live Debacle
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Ja Morant’s Instagram Live Debacle

But first, here’s a shirtless Morant at what I’m assuming is a club in Denver, rapping to a song a few hours after getting beat by the Nuggets in a game in which the Grizzlies scored 17 fourth-quarter points and lost by 16.


I couldn’t give a shit if it was a pea shooter, some kind of jewelry, or whatever. It looks like a gun, and he holds it up with a big smile on his face. That’s the behavior of a certified jackass, a defiant certified jackass at that. One who might have some discipline coming his way.


Updated: The Grizzlies announced Saturday afternoon that Morant “will be away from the team for at least the next two games.” Morant won’t suit up against the two L.A. squads.

Wow, life comes at you fast. One night, you’re out with your buddies singing incoherently into your phone, and the next day, Woj is reporting that the league is “investigating” your behavior. If only a million people could’ve seen this coming.

Updated: Morant has deactivated his Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Morant also celebrated with air pistols this week post-WaPo story, and it went under the radar like a volume scorer going for 40 this year.


He seems to know exactly what he’s doing. Three days ago, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and wrote that a lot of guys in their early 20s behave the way Morant and his friends have allegedly acted. I misspoke. These actions are a step below. They’re juvenile. It’s being contradictory solely to piss off people.

If you needed evidence that this is teenage idiocy, college hooper Brandon Miller, who is dealing with his own gun-related controversy, carried on with the mock TSA patdown that he’s been doing before Alabama games this season. He was rightfully admonished for it, but hasn’t been sat down, not even for a single game.


Well, the NBA takes things a little more seriously than the NCAA.