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NBA Remembers That Jordan Is An Executive

So last week, while taking a break from golf to watch the NCAA Tournament, Michael Jordan had the following to say about soon-to-be-former Texas phenom Kevin Durant.

"The kid who may present that, (versatility) is the kid in Texas. (He) may have that because he has all the right signs."


This was a nice comment from the greatest player in NBA history, sort of a coronation type of thing. But — and we totally forgot this, and we suspect he did too — Jordan is the "president" of the "Charlotte Bobcats" (really!) and was fined for discussing a player who hasn't declared for the draft yet. It's $15 grand, which we suspect Jordan can handle, but it is amusing that so few people consider Jordan an actual executive that it didn't even occur to us that he could be fined in the same way that Danny Ainge was fined. That's right! He's an executive! Oh yeah!

Now, if only the league will look into those Kevin Bacon tampering charges.

MJ Fined One Blackjack Hand [West Side Slant]

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