NBA Says Refs Missed Five Calls On Final Thunder-Spurs Possession

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You already knew that the final play of last night’s Spurs-Thunder playoff game was insane, and the refs already admitted they missed calling a foul when Dion Waiters pushed Manu Ginobili with the ball. But the NBA has finally weighed in, and determined that the referees missed five separate calls on the final play. From the league’s Last Two Minute Report:

The referees incorrectly neglected to call delay of game on Ginobili for stepping over the line, a foul on Waiters for shoving Ginobili, a foul on Patty Mills for grabbing Steven Adams, a foul on Kawhi Leonard for grabbing Russell Westbrook, and a foul on Serge Ibaka for grabbing LaMarcus Aldridge. But apparently Waiters was allowed to jump while inbounding and Danny Green didn’t mug Kevin Durant, so good job refs.