NBA trainer ‘Lethal Shooter’ is persistent on improving your jumper in needlessly laborious ways

Employs windmills, spiked rims, and other gimmicks while boasting all-star client list

Screenshot: Twitter: @dribblecity

Before we begin, let’s look at how we got here. (Then we’ll get to the why.)

Chris Matthews, better known as Lethal Shooter is a legitimate NBA trainer and shooting coach, according to a Sports Illustrated feature from last year, who has worked with Anthony Davis, Candace Parker, Skylar Diggins-Smith, and Dwight Howard, among others. Bobby Portis is a current client of his, and just so happens to be currently playing in the NBA Finals with the Milwaukee Bucks. Matthews has even worked with Drake.


Lethal Shooter has a history of showing the rest of us how we could work on our jumper in ridiculous ways, like shooting in the middle of the ocean (though, in fairness, it was a Kobe tribute… but still), the spiked rim challenge from last month, and, today, we have … the windmill challenge?!?!? Is this mini golf?!

The goal is to hit the blue tape, and you could debate whether or not it’s edited, but, at least in the video, he’s doing just that. How much does/can this actually help your shot? Who knows. It may? It may also have you needlessly aiming to the right all the time in anticipation of a sedentary net moving. But also… does it matter? Why not just shoot on a regular rim? Or, a rim without a backboard, which he had done previously. If you’re really trying to get all net, that’s actually a great way to do it.

But spiked rims and windmills? There’s too much risk. Hopefully people don’t start trying to shoot into these things for the social media atten… nevermind, that’s probably already started.