NBC Also Edited Out A Tribute Featuring Two Dead U.S. Servicemen From Their Opening Ceremony Broadcast

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NBC explained that it skipped a memorial to terrorism victims in its broadcast of the Olympic opening ceremony because its show was "tailored for our American audience." While cutting that part of the show, NBC also skipped a transitional segment called the "Wall of Remembrance"—which included memorials to two deceased United States servicemen.


Olympic organizers solicited photos from around the world to honor "those who cannot be with us tonight," according to the opening ceremony media guide. One of the images was that of United States Air Force Academy cadet Andrew Chin, who passed away June 19th. An associate of Chin's tells me his CS-10 "Tiger Ten" squadmates were thrilled when they learned his photo had been selected for inclusion. Then, when they tuned in, they saw Ryan Seacrest interviewing Michael Phelps. (You can view video of the memorial in its entirety here.)


Cadet 2nd Class Yung C. Chin was a biology major who hoped one day to become a surgeon like his father and his memorial service remarked upon his generous character.

The second serviceman featured is this Marine, whose identity we do not know. A viewer from England named John Brown alerted me to this, saying NBC's decision was "not only an insult to the British dead, but also an insult to the American casualties of war and their families left behind." If you have any information as to this Marine's identity, please let me know.

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