NBC Only Aired 60% Of The Winter Games Closing Ceremony Last Night, So Here's The 40% You Missed

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As usual, NBC’s tape-delayed Olympic closing ceremony broadcast left much of the festivities on the editing room floor. More than 51 minutes, to be exact, or 40% of the overall show. Here’s some of what the Peacock Network decided was beneath you; a sped-up version of everything you missed is in the above video.

The Official Winter Olympics Highlight Reel (3 minutes)


Every Olympics closing ceremony features a short film of the Games’ highlights, and NBC elected not to show it.

The Ski Marathon Medal Ceremonies (15 minutes)


The marathon (in summer) and ski marathons (in winter) traditionally close the Games, and the winners receive their medals as part of the closing ceremony. Norway’s Marit Bjoergen and Finland’s Iivo Niskanen were the gold medalists.

Volunteer Recognition Ceremony (3 minutes)


Representatives of the Pyeongchang volunteers were recognized by some of the athletes.

Speeches by Hee-Beom Lee & Thomas Bach (36 minutes)


An address by the Pyeongchang chairman was cut out entirely, as was most of IOC president Thomas Bach’s speech—including the portion where athletes representing every Olympics-participating continent were honored. Both Lindsey Vonn and shirtless Tongan Pita Taufatofua participated, which makes NBC’s decision to excise it fairly shocking.

DJ Raiden and final fireworks/light show (14 minutes)


NBC showed DJ Martin Garrix’s appearance, but cut out Korean DJ Raiden’s opening performance. They also either cut out most of the impressive, explosive grand finale or spent time talking in front of it:


As usual, you can watch the whole event in its entirety on NBC’s site. Or, you could live in basically any other country on the planet and have watched it live in full.