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More news and notes from an amazing night of college basketball.
• Most common email we've received today: What's with the shrieking lady at the Gonzaga/UCLA game? We don't know; if anyone does, please let us know. This seems to be a trend in tourney games; inexplicable screaming people in the stands. They must be sitting in the stands with Eddie Sutton.
• With the Duke loss and the crazy Gonzaga-UCLA finish, the Texas-West Virginia finish has been lost in the shuffle a bit. It shouldn't be. Texas looks like a potential national championship team right now, and still, our man Pittsnogle almost sent them into overtime. Two insane 3-pointers in the final five seconds, and it's the third-most talked about game the next day. Gotta love that.
• Seth Davis' big Gonzaga pick blew up last night, but we still admire him for making the pick. We actually like Davis on the CBS broadcasts a lot; we're going to enjoy him while we can, until a former coach or player retires and gleefully takes his spot.
• Seriously, the screaming lady: What was her deal again?
• Congratulations are due to C. Hulsey's "razorbackattack" and W. Cheuk's pool entries; you're tied for first out of 1,541 people in the Deadspin pool. Our pool sheet is dead dead dead, Dillinger dead.

(UPDATE: From Theilladelph: "You won't hear her any more. She's a gonzaga groupie. I heard her during a one of the WCC tournament games, and then again last Saturday when they played Indiana. She was far more annoying on saturday than she was last night.

Her screams are when the zags are on d. It's her version of the cameron crazies' jumping ohhhs.")