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NCAA Screws Bobby Bowden Out Of All-Time Wins Record

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Former Penn State head coach Joe Paterno just became Division I college football's all-time wins leader, thanks to a late-game victory over the NCAA. Congrats to Joe!

The NCAA announced that it will restore the 111 wins that it forced the Penn State football program to vacate in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal. The restored wins are part of a settlement agreed upon by the NCAA and the university, one that will still see Penn State paying a $60 million fine to programs for the prevention of child sexual abuse. That $60 million will be staying within the state of Pennsylvania, though, which was the original goal of Penn State's lawsuit against the NCAA a state law passed in 2013 specifically to address this issue.

Aside from the $60 million fine, nearly every sanction that was originally levied against Penn State has been rescinded. The NCAA restored some of the scholarships that it had originally revoked from the school back in 2013, and lifted the football team's bowl ban back in September of this year.


The only takeaway here is that the NCAA continues to be a completely useless organization. The only response it could muster in the aftermath of the Sandusky scandal was to blindly and uselessly swing an axe at Penn State's football program, for no other reason than to justify its own existence. And now, just a few years later, they are just quietly mopping up the mess that they never really had any business making. Nothing the NCAA does ever matters.

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