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NCAA Tournament Live Blog: Friday, 2:40 p.m.

Who has Texas A&M Corpus Christi fever?! For crying out loud, we're talking about the corpse of Christ, people!

Anyway: MJD's back to bring you the funk and facts. Here are the games slated:

Notre Dame Vs. Winthrop
Tennessee Vs. Long Beach State
Wisconsin Vs. Texas A&M Corpus Christi
Nevada Vs. Creighton


After the jump, the live blog begins ... if you can handle it.


5:35: Alright, that's gonna be it for today. Thanks for sticking with me... or trying to, anyway, when the damn site went down. I'll be back tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen. Do some drugs tonight.

5:33: And it does. I kinda feel bad for Creighton... they're an excellent team, and they always seem to get tough draws in the tournament. Dana Altman looks genuinely pissed off right now. I don't know if he's married, but that's the look of a man who's about to punch his wife in the stomach.

5:31: Five-point lead now for Nevada, under 30 seconds to play... Creighton gets the bucket, but it took them seventeen seconds. 11 seconds left, lead is three, Nevada going to the line. If he hits one, I think Marcellus Kemp puts this on on ice for the Wolfpack.


5:29: Ramon Sessions is a wizard. He works the dribble at the top of the key, comes off the screen, gets the matchup he wants against a big, he goes after him, takes it to the room, and forces in an off-balance shot off the glass. Surgical. That was some Steve Nash work right there.

5:28: Wisconsin has a 10-point lead with under 2:00 to go. We're closing the book on that one. I realize that this is irrational, but I'm mad at Wisconsin. I feel like everyone should want the underdog to win, including the team that's playing against them. Selfish fucks, the Badgers.


5:26: Creighton's gone cold. Nate Funk misses from the top of the key, and he appears to be the only one Dana Altman wants to touch the ball. Ramon Sessions answers with a little floater and pushes the lead to six.

5:21: Shotmaking. Marcellus Kemp sticks a three for Nevada, giving them a 4-point lead. Nick Fazekas is called for a foul at the other end... and that'll be the end of the day (and perhaps college career) for Fazekas. Kind of a tough call, but he definitely reached, and he definitely got some hand. Sorry, Zeke. You're done.


5:18: Back to Wisconsin and the Islanders ... the news is not good. It's not a lost cause or anything, but Wisconsin leads by five, and they've dominated the second half. 3:42 to play. I guess that one was too good to be true.

5:15: The prayer misses, and we're heading to overtime.

5:12: And Nevada comes out of the timeout and turns it over. Nate Frunk with the ball for the Jays... he has it stripped, can't get a shot up, and there's a heap of bodies underneath the basket with no call in the lane. Nevada grabs the ball, and they call a timeout with 1.4 on the clock.


5:11: Verne Lundquist: "It's irrelevant to this point in the game, but Dana Altman and Mark Fox both graduated from New Mexico State University." Irrelevant to all points of the game, I believe, Verne, but thanks anyway.

5:07: Nevada, with the game tied, goes inside to Marcellus Kemp... he can't get it to go, but Nevada brings down the rebound. Tense. Fazekas open for three, and another long rebound goes to Nevada. Fortunate break there. 36.3 left, 32 on the shot clock when they take the timeout.


5:03: Creighton/Nevada's been close throughout, and for all I know, was the best game of the entire tournament. Creighton has a 2-point lead with 3:00 to play. I feel like a dick for ignoring this one. I'll get you in the next round, boys.

5:01: CBS keeps going in and out of HD... I'm going to have to visit an optometrist right after this game.


4:59: 8-0 run for Wisconsin, and they're in the lead for the first time today. Scooby Johnson's at the line, though, and he ties it up, but Wisconsin answers with a three... they can't miss right now.

4:55: Back-to-back three balls for Wisconsin, and they're to within three... they haven't been that close in the entire game. And... fuck. The game is now tied. Come on, Islanders, you've got a nation depending on you. Still 10:15 to play.


4:50: John Cougar Mellencamp has the words of the French national anthem tattooed across his abs.

4:49: We're back in HD on CBS, by the way. Momentarily, anyway. Corpus Christi is back to a 7-point lead, and the take possession on a shot clock violation by the Badgers.


4:47: That Chevy commercial, by the way, is advertising a truck called the Chevy Silverado "HD." I didn't know trucks came in high-definition. Is the speedometer a video image of Dick Enberg saying, "Oh my! You're going 71 miles per hour!"?

4:45: John Cougar Mellencamp masturbates while watching professional wrestling.

4:44: Oh, man... mini-run for Wisconsin. Daniels, the big fella for Corpus Christi, is out with foul trouble, and the Badgers are taking advantage. They've cut the lead to four. Come on, Corpus Christi, you've got an entire proud Island to represent, as evidenced by the Hawaiian shirts worn by your band.


4:43: It took until now for CBS's HD coverage to give out. Corpus Christi leads by 9, but they do so with less sharpness and detail.

4:40: Clark Kellogg describes Nate Funk's scoring total as being in "mid double digits." Personally, I'd have just said "sixteen." But I'm not as eloquent as Clark Kellogg.


4:33: Wisconsin's cut the lead to 7 on a three-ball from Bohannon... and then Wisconsin picks up a technical foul because Stiemsma was a big meanie to the official. That's smart. The lead is back to 9 and the Islanders have the ball.

4:29: The next game to end will be Tennessee/Long Beach. It will not end well for Long Beach. Creighton and Nevada are playing a game that's been close throughout, and there are about 16:00 to play in that one. Wisconsin vs. Corpus Christi has just gotten back underway, too ... we've still got a full half of basketball to go here.


4:28: 18.9 seconds remaining, Winthrop leads by 10, and we're done here. Eleven seeds have giant balls, and I wouldn't want to play Winthrop in the next round.

4:26: Missed three for Notre Dame, Winthrop runs, Notre Dame cant get the foul, and it's a dunk. It's a six-point lead... ND misses another three, Winthrop runs again, and this time they foul. They're going to the line, up 6, with 36 seconds to play. We can almost chalk this one up. Ian Eagle's so excited that he's about to cover someone in man jam.


4:22: Three ball for Winthrop and the lead is now 4. A Notre Dame free throw cuts it to three... and Notre Dame gets called for a pretty weak blocking violation. Looked like a charge to me, and the whistle came extremely late.

4:20: 2:30 left to play in the ND/Winthrop game. ND goes to Harangody in the post, and it's a little jumphook off the glass, with the and-one. Notre Dame leads by a point, which would be better news if they could stop giving up uncontested lay-ups for Winthrop. Winthrop back up by 1.


4:15: One point game... Winthrop goes inside, Craig Bradshaw off the glass, AND ONE. That fouls Rob Kurz out, too... that's big. They've had Kurz back as their last line of defense on their press. This game has fantastic energy. It finally feels like some tournament-quality ball is being played.

4:14: Winthrop breaks the ND press and gets a dunk out of it. Ian Eagle: "THAT'S A MAN JAM!" And then Spanarkel goes, "I'll show you some man jam." And Eagle says, "Put that thing away!" Except these last two sentences didn't really happen.


4:10: And Notre Dame is back to within 6 on a Colin Falls floater in the lane. I guess Notre Dame's too good of a team to let this be a complete blowout. Falls again for three... and the lead is 4. I like the way things are shaping up here.

4:08: Booooo. Wisconsin gets a run-out dunk to close the half, and they've sliced the Islander lead to 8. Bo Ryan kind of scares me when he's smiling. What's going to happen in that Wisconsin locker room at halftime could scar those poor kids for life.


4:03: Notre Dame's cut Winthrop's lead to 10 with 8:00 to play in the game. I'm gonna check back in with that one for a little bit. Great ... I love it when CBS switches your game, and then that game goes directly to a commercial. Not annoying at all.

4:01: Alando Tucker gets on the board for the first time today, bringing the Badgers back to within 12. Timeout, Islanders to stem the momentum change... I like the call, coach, you'd hate to see the Badgers go on a run and cut this lead to single digits.


3:54: Creighton/Nevada, meanwhile, is tied at 25 with about 3:00 to play in the first half. I've completely ignored that game, when it was one of the games to which I was really looking forward in the tournament. But I'm sorry, I can't disrespect the Islanders like that.

3:50: Spanarkel says Mike Brey is looking for something to spark his team. I think he should gather them in a huddle and tell them the story about how he was snubbed for an Oscar nomination for Sideways, but then went on to do great things in Cinderella Man. That always gets me fired up.


3:49: Same goes for Winthrop. I don't know that there are too many teams in the country that Winthrop couldn't at least hang with. They lead 54-34.

3:48: This Corpus Christi big man... he is the manliest man on the floor. This doesn't look like some fluke happening that's eventually going to correct itself.


3:45: Rejection. Wisconsin tries to bring that weak tot action against Corpus Christi, and it gets sent back. 23-7, Wisconsin calls timeout, and Bo Ryan looks weirder and more uncomfortable than Bo Ryan usually looks.

3:43: Wisconsin, meanwhile, is on pace to score about 14 points. It's 19-4, Islanders, 9:00 to play in the first half.


3:41: Winthrop isn't just winning, they're beating that Irish ass. They're on a 29-6 run right now, stretching back to the first half. It's 52-34. They can't miss. The coolest thing about it is that every Winthrop player looks like this is exactly what they expected to happen. Bad-asses.

3:35: And the lead is now eleven for Winthrop, and at the same time, Corpus Christi has extended their lead over Wisconsin to 13. Wisconsin has scored, though, eliminating the possibility of the shutout.


3:30: Winthrop and Notre Dame are back from the half, and they open things up with a beautiful cut and dish for the lay-up. Notre Dame is 1-of-12 from behind the three-point line. Winthrop pushes their lead to 8. Yeeee-Ha...

3:25: At the first 4:00 commercial break of the first half, Wisconsin still hasn't scored. I'm calling it, Texas A&M will play Texas A&M Corpus Christi in the championship game, and the Islanders will finally earn the respect they deserve.


3:23: Long Beach closes to within six with some hot shooting and some defensive pressure. 4:10 left in the first half of that one.

3:20: CORPUS CHRISTI IS ON FIRE. The Islanders lead Wisconsin 7-0, another three is in the air... TEN TO NOTHING, ISLANDERS. Holy fuck. The official pep band for the corpse of Christ is decked out in Hawaiian shirts. You gotta love that. Here we go, baby... now it feels like the tournament.


3:17: Long Beach has stabilized a little bit, or at least, they're not getting their asses whooped with quite as much a they were before. They've cut the lead to 10.

3:14: And Winthrop takes the lead on a three... and now they'll hold for the final shot of the half. Another three. 32-28, Winthrop is in the lead, going into the half. Outstanding. I actually wouldn't consider this one a huge upset; Winthrop's a pretty damn good team. But today, I'll take it.


3:11: Mike Brey reminds me a lot of Paul Giamatti. I think if Paul Giamatti was an NCAA head coach, he'd wear a blazer over a muck turtleneck.

3:06: Long Beach and Tennessee, meanwhile, are not tied up. That one's over. It's 31-14. Tennessee is on pace to score about 130.


3:04: Notre Dame leads by 4 after Bradshaw hits a three for Winthrop. And then they cut it to two, on a strong take to the rack on the break. 26-24, Winthrop is rolling.

3:05: And they tie it up on sort of a lucky little turnaround blind chuck at the rim. I think he walked, too. But fuck it, Winthrop and Notre Dame are tied up, and I'm excited about it.


3:00Tennessee scores on a lay-up... then they steal the inbounds pass, and get another lay-up. The subsequent inbounds pass is trapped in the corner, forcing Long Beach to call a timeout. Not a pleasant sequence for Long Beach. Snoop Dogg can't be enjoying himself right now.

2:59: I couldn't for the life of me explain why Hanes decided to dust off these Michael Jordan/Kevin Bacon commercials. Was the general public clamoring for more of the Bacon/Jordan collaboration?


2:47: Hello, college basketball and/or Deadspin liveblog fans. Eventually, we're going to have a decent basketball game here... I think Notre Dame/Winthrop is a pretty solid contender for quality entertainment. Long Beach vs. Tennessee is underway, along with ND/Winthrop. The other two games start at 3:14 and 3:20.

2:51: Tennessee leads 14-8 with 16:46 left to play in the first half, and Notre Dame leads Memphis 15-12 with under 12:00 to play in the first half there. You're all caught up now.

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