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Ndamukong Suh Gets Largest Fine For On-Field Incident In NFL History

Suh is out $100,000 for this low block on Vikings center John Sullivan. It's a record-setter, with a few caveats.

It's the largest single fine for an on-field incident in league history, though there have been a few harsher penalties. Bill Belichick was docked $500,000 for his role in the Spygate scandal, and Ray Lewis was fined $250,000 for, um, obstructing justice in a murder case. We're also not counting game checks lost due to suspension.

The previous largest single fine was James Harrison's $75,000, for going helmet-to-helmet one too many times.


Suh, like Harrison, is a repeat offender—he had previously been fined a total of $77,500 for five separate incidents, and lost out on another $165,000 for a two-game suspension.

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