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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Nebraska Player Bludgeons Raccoon That Bit Him Mid-Selfie

Illustration for article titled Nebraska Player Bludgeons Raccoon That Bit Him Mid-Selfie

Cornhusker junior defensive end Jack Gangwish had a rough Wednesday night, but not as rough as it was for the raccoon that was just minding its own business before it was murdered with a wrench.


Gangwish was driving around, according to the Lincoln Journal Star, "when he spotted a raccoon on the side of the road and decided to take a picture." As one does. The raccoon, which was just doing its thing before the large man came and bothered it, bit Gangwish. As one does.

So, if you get bit by a raccoon, you're supposed to capture it so they can test it for rabies. They do that by opening up its brain, so it's essentially a death sentence. Gangwish's raccoon didn't even get time to make its peace:

He knew the animal should be tested for rabies, so he grabbed a crescent wrench with the aim of subduing it.

Things didn't work out that way, unfortunately for the raccoon.

"It was death by crescent wrench," the 6-foot-2, 260-pound Gangwish said.

This is oddly lighthearted for the story of an innocent raccoon that got rolled up on, forcibly photographed, then beaten to death!


The raccoon's corpse is currently being tested for rabies. I hope it comes back clear and that Gangwish is healthy, and also that Gangwish gets charged for animal abuse.


[Lincoln Journal Star | Photo via Twitter]

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