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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Nebraska Volleyball Player/Coach's Daughter With Suspended License Hits Two Motorcyclists, Takes Off

Per the Omaha World-Herald, a witness reported that University of Nebraska Husker volleyball star "Lauren Cook's expression left no doubt she knew she had struck two people on a motorcycle in north Lincoln before fleeing the scene."

"I saw her. She looked at me," William Umana of Crete, Neb., said Monday. "She was really freaked out. She knew what happened. She was really freaked out and she left."


Granted, Cook more or less admitted as much when she called to dime herself out 14 minutes later. Noble. Yet, the problem arises when you consider the fact that Ms. Cook wasn't permitted to be driving in the first place.

According to court records, Cook has been found guilty of four traffic violations, all involving excessive speed. In one case she was going 16 to 20 mph over the speed limit in a school zone.

Since 2007 she has been ticketed a total of six times for speeding, police said. Two of the infractions were removed from her driving record after she took defensive driving classes, police said.

Cook failed to complete a recent driver improvement class and her license was suspended in October, state records show. She was eligible to have the license reinstated pending completion of the course, said Patrick Condon, chief deputy attorney for Lancaster County.


Her daddy — who is also her coach — said yesterday that she remains on the roster. Because in Nebraska, it's God, Country, Volleyball Team.

Witness: NU's Cook knew car struck people [Omaha World-Herald] (H/T Grant)

No decision on Lauren Cook's playing status [Husker Extra]

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