On March 8, 2015, Royals manager Ned Yost was forced to witness the ruthless destruction of a bee hive during a spring training game against the Angels. One year later, Yost found himself in exactly the same situation, but this time our good man helped save the bees.

Yesterday’s spring training game between the Royals and Rockies was delayed by a swarm of bees. Lotsa bees!

Photo via AP
Photo via AP

As the heartless brutes at the stadium began making plans for how to exterminate the bees, Yost rose from his position in the dugout and made it clear that no bees would lose their lives on this day.

But what could Yost do? He is just a man, after all, and his protestations were not enough to save the lives of those bees that perished last year. Would he be forced once again to look on, helplessly, as a tragedy unfolded before him?

Lo, a hero emerges!

A retired beekeeper! Who just happened to be in the stands! The Bee Gods were smiling on us yesterday.

Top photo via AP

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