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Needling Barry, Day One

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When we first heard that the Giants would open their season in San Diego, we were a little disappointed. Who's going to rag on Barry Bonds in San Diego? It's the most laid-back of all cities; it makes Indianapolis look like Baghdad outside of the Green Zone. But we were wrong. San Diego, you didn't let us down. You screamed insults at Barry's every move. Your signage was superb. You were chased out of an entire section by stadium security (awesome!). And as a final, dramatic, glorious touch, one of you hurled a plastic syringe at Bonds in left field. While we don't generally condone throwing objects onto a playing surface unless they are either an octopus or Skip Bayless, to this move we have to say, "Well played." It was tastefully done; the syringe being oversized, empty, plastic and sans needle. Something of which Barry is completely unfamiliar, no doubt. Oh, and the Padres won, 6-1, as Bonds went 1 for 4 with no homers.

But don't rest on your laurels, San Diego. You'd better bring it in Games 2 and 3 of this series, because we've got Los Angeles, New York and (gulp!) Philadelphia all awaiting their turns to take a crack at Barry and show you up. So let's get to work on those signs, kids. Barry isn't going to taunt himself, you know!


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