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Negro Bowl I: The Man On The Street

As you might have heard from a media outlet or two, this is a historic Super Bowl because it features two African American head coaches for the first time. The odds are good that this might be a topic over the next few days.

We decided to dig deep into this story, rather than just let it simmer, so we asked our friend The Assimilated Negro, author of the Ghetto Pass column for Gawker and occasional Free Darko correspondent, to file a series of reports about the Negro Bowl, its significance and whatever else might tickle his proverbial fancy. This will run in five installments leading up to the Super Bowl. Here's the fourth one... and it's video! So much easier than reading!


Some have had questions about the import and magnitude of Negro Bowl I, so while investigating yesterday's breaking news story (turns out it was fake), TAN had the opportunity to hit the streets of New York City and talk to people in order to gain some perspective on this historic event. Here's my video report.


(Video shot and directed by the great Richard Blakeley ... and TAN, of course.)

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