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Never Try To Steal A Car From Najeh Davenport

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If you see a car parked on the street with the engine running, you'd probably be tempted to jump in and take a ride. Just make sure it doesn't belong to Najeh Davenport, because he will chase your ass down.


Davenport was visiting a family member in a Pittsburgh suburb yesterday, when he left his 1970 Chevy Impala running outside. Twenty-two-year-old Rodney Green saw an opportunity, jumped inside and took off. But Davenport jumped in an SUV (a dump truck was sadly unavailable) and gave chase. The man demands his justice.

The chase ended when Green crashed into four parked cars and tried to flee on foot, but was "detained" by Davenport and several other witnesses until police arrived. I bet he looked good doing it too. The Impala, unfortunately, was no more.


Davenport told WTAE Channel 4 Action News reporter Shannon Perrine that he worked in a store to save $500 to buy the car when he was 15, but has since invested $35,000 to customize and restore it....

"That car was totaled in the front. It was a nice car," said neighbor Leonard Heinz.

Yeah, it was a nice car ... for him to po.... aww, nevermind.

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