New 49er Taylor Mays Implies Pete Carroll Broke Some Sort of Vague Promise to Draft Him

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The second rounder on Carroll's decision to take Texas's Earl Thomas over him with Seattle's 14th pick: "I understand it's a business, but with it being a business, you have to be honest." Wait, isn't that bill still being debated?

Mays seems to have been under the impression that he would be reuniting with his former USC coach in the Pacific Northwest. Said he: "I thought from the relationship that we have, the things he had told me about, what I needed to be aware of through the draft process, things I needed to do, I felt like he told me the complete opposite of the actions that he took, which was alarming." Those "actions" were presumably the Seattle coach's villainous decision to go with the consensus better available safety.

It was a tough day all around for Mays, whose decision to return to USC for his senior year likely cost him a spot in the first round. Carroll's response?:

"His expectations were very, very high, and mine, too. So I feel for him. But I know what he's going to be like...This is a remarkably competitive guy, and prideful, and I'm sure he's got a chip on his shoulder, and it's going to serve him well. It's not going to help us in the division."


Oh, the old high road defense, eh Sneaky Pete? Well, let's just see who has the last laugh next season during the two 4:00 p.m. Seattle-San Fran match-ups that I will inevitably fall asleep during.

And speaking of Pete Carroll and former USC players, Seattle just traded to get LenDale White.


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