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New ABA Coach Has Cleanest Rain Gutters In His Neighborhood

We love the Dodge City Legends' motion offense; the one in which their center sets picks at the top of the key. Because it's important to keep the tallest player in the history of organized basketball as far away from the basket as you can at all times. You've probably heard of Sun Ming Ming, a native of China who, at 7-foot-9, makes Yao Ming look like Porky from the Our Gang comedies. Sun has been in the U.S. for a couple of years now and was just signed by the Maryland Nighthawks of the American Basketball Association. He isn't very athletic and has only been playing the game for five years (hello, New York Knicks!), but he's recovering quickly from recent health problems and hopes to one day play in the NBA.

Nighthawks coach William Rankin expects Sun to be able to play about 28-30 minutes a game; his debut comes Saturday. That will also be Rankin's debut with the Nighthawks — he was hired about a week ago from a junior college team. "When I interviewed for the job, I asked, 'Do we have a 7-footer?"' Rankin recounted. "And (Doyle) laughed and said, 'We have someone who's almost an 8-footer."'


We love watching the video above because it reminds us of Nerf basketball in our room on rainy afternoons, and of course this. Oh, and if Sun is looking for a little female companionship, the Connecticut WNBA team has possible dating material.

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