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New Guitar Hero Ad Gives You A Whole New Reason To Hate Tom Cruise

We mentioned this only in passing last week, because a) it was Friday afternoon, b) we didn't have an embeddable version of the video yet, and c) it's pretty embarrassing for everyone involved, including the viewer. You've probably seen Alex Rodriguez, Tony Hawk, Michael Phelps and Kobe Bryant bring Tom Cruise's greatest cinematic triumph to life, 21st Century style, but here it is again it all its glory. What do you want bet they made A-Rod play bass?

Now that Michael Jordan is exclusively selling Hanes merchandise, these are pretty much the four most marketable athletes in the (non-soccer) world, so it's quite an (expensive) coup to get them all in one ad. But how many people in the GH target demo even remember "Risky Business"? Heck, half of Kotaku's readers probably think Cruise was born on Oprah's couch. Plus, we've all seen Michael Phelps in his underwear, so big whoop on that front.


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