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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

New Jersey Would Probably Like That Last Minute Back

Illustration for article titled New Jersey Would Probably Like That Last Minute Back

It's one thing to give up the game-tying goal in the last 1:20 of a Game 7, but to give up a game-tying and game-winning goal in the last 1:20—that's probably going to haunt you.


Unless you're in the growing league of Martin Brodeur haters. In that case, the last minute of the Devils-Hurricanes will give you sweet, sweet dreams. At least three of the four goals that he gave up last night have been labeled as "soft," and letting two slip by you in the last 80 seconds just isn't good for morale. And sorry, folks, but he's not going to take all the blame.

Against a team that luck follows against us, we let them hang around and the puck bounced on their side again. We had our chances to get the puck out on that shift. ... I was in a good position, he made a better shot. Players with that much speed are going to make some shots. We were trying all series to not let him have that much speed."


As for Carolina, they get Boston now, a team that's been sitting on their hands since sweeping Montreal about eight weeks ago. (Oh, and the Capitals beat the Rangers, of course, completing their 3-1 comeback.) That was a pleasant little first-round wasn't it?

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