New Madrid Keeper Thibaut Courtois Apologizes For Singing Song About Real Madrid Fans Fucking Kangaroos

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Before he was the regular goalkeeper at Chelsea, Thibaut Courtois was the number one at Atletico Madrid when they burst onto the La Liga scene to challenge the duopoly of Barcelona and Real Madrid. Now, since his transfer to Real earlier this week, Courtois has been forced to awkwardly answer for his past as a member of his new club’s arch-rival. Specifically, there was an incident in which he sang a song about Madridistas screwing Kangaroos.

Following Atletico’s Copa Del Rey final win over Real in 2013, a celebrating Courtois yelled some goofy shit to fans that was controversial at the time, but mostly forgotten until his recent transfer. From the balcony at the headquarters of the Community of Madrid, the 21-year-old shout-sang, “Salta, salta, salta pequeño canguro, y a los madridistas que les den por el culo,” which translates, depending on context, to something approximating, “Jump, jump, jump little kangaroo, and the Madrid fans who give it up the ass.”

Though this dumb song is objectively a lot funnier than a teenage pitcher tweeting “faggot,” Courtois had to borrow from the “So You Had Some Bad Tweets...” apology manual at his introductory press conference with Real Madrid on Thursday.


“I was very young at that time, I got carried away in the moment. I apologised at the time and I do again now. It was a youthful indiscretion,” Courtois said.

“They [Madrid fans] will see that I will give it my all for the Real Madrid badge to win the games.”


Courtois has yet to apologize to kangaroos for associating them with Madridistas.