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You know, we're starting to think that perhaps the Mexico family has some issues.

In a lawsuit that, sadly, didn't spur a whole new permutation of aliases, Ron Mexico's little brother, Marcus "New Mexico" Vick has been sued for $6.3 million by a girl who says she was having sex with him when she was 15. The girl is now 17 and says that Vick came up with a Brand New Seduction Technique of telling her that he loved her so she'd continue to have sex with him. Inventive guy, that Marcus.


The girl involved is the same one Vick was convicted two years ago for "contributing to the delinquency of a minor," though, to be fair, he never pulled a gun on her at a McDonald's, and that's something. He did, however, go double-barrel in another situation, convincing the girl to have sex with him and another man. (At the same time, that is; otherwise, Vick might ... well, let's just stay out of this one.)

Vick is 22 years old now, and, frankly, we're excited to see what this guy can do when he really fulfills his potential. A tantalizer, indeed.

Marcus Vick Is Sued [Richmond Times-Dispatch]

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