In case you're confused by the smattering of women in this photo, the one that's crinkled, not sparkly and wearing pants is Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco. She's shown here hanging out with the Saints cheerleaders after their thrilling 27-24 win over the Eagles on Saturday, leaving them one game from their first-ever Super Bowl. We truly do find the Saints an exciting team that's easy to root for, but it's the presence of people like Blanco on the sideline that continue to make us uncomfortable with all that surrounds these Saints.

Gov. Blanco, of course, made her fair share of mistakes after Hurricane Katrina โ€” chronicled by our friends at Wikipedia โ€” and still deals with the aftermath of Katrina every day. Not to say that she doesn't have the right to enjoy the winnings of a football team, but the more the Saints win, the more we hear of their ability to heal a devastated city. We like the Saints, but they are a football team; New Orleans is not going to rise or fall on whether or not Sean Peyton can neutralize the Bears' front four. Not that we'll be able to tell that in the next seven days.

And by the way: We've seen just about enough of Saints owner Tom Benson parading around with his stupid umbrella. You know that the second this guy can move this team, he will, public statements (and potential Super Bowl) aside. We've never liked his little umbrella act in the first place, and now it seems even more fake and wrong.

But other than all that ... uh ... go Saints!

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