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The preliminary/final/tentative/whatever they're calling it roster for USA Basketball has been set, and the talk continues to be about how "cohesive" and "team-oriented" the new roster is. (It helps when you have a leader who just happens to coach basketball.)

But a closer look at the Team USA roster, like the one the folks at Old Skool Sports have done, reveals that the roster not only isn't radically different than the Team USA's of old, it's almost exactly the same as the original Dream Team.

Dwight Howard is Charles Barkley, Elton Brand is Karl Malone, Brad Miller is Christian Laettner and Bruce Bowen is Chris Mullin. And that's just the role players.

We remain disappointed that Allen Iverson is not on the team. Little would make us happier than seeing Coach K and A.I. interacting.

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