New World Chess Championship Logo Says, "Hey, Let's Fuck"

Have you heard? Chess fucks. And chess wants you all to know that it fucks, so it has graciously made it very clear in the logo for the upcoming 2018 World Chess Championship.


The press release about the new logo, pictured above, describes it as “controversial and trendy, just like the host city,” which seems a bit weird, because the host city is (the famously controversial?) London. There does not seem to be much literature out there on whether or not having sex while playing chess is really either controversial or trendy at the moment—zero Cosmo articles on the topic—but the people depicted in the logo are definitely having sex while playing chess. If you think there’s room for debate on this, please take a look at the match’s alternate logo, which makes it even clearer:

This, of course, brings to mind one question: Which chess piece has the most sex? Here is my opinion:

1. Knight (definitely)
2. Queen (she could fuck the most if she chose, but she’s too busy and important)
3. Bishop (diagonal movement is just so kinky)
4. King (fragile, has to be monitored and protected all the time, can only move a little bit at a time anyway)
5. Pawn (zero status, but when there are that many of you...)
6. Rook (favorite activity is sitting in the corner, only interested in straight lines)

[World Chess via SB Nation]