Some Giants fans were positively apoplectic after the loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. So much that they chose to take out their frustration on burned-out cars in a parking lot.

Now, obviously, these are a select group of drooling Big Blue fans and in no way reflect the majority of their fanbase ( I hope). Thankfully, it appears the vehicles being destroyed with bats, kicked, and vandalized were already in bad shape due to an unfortunate tailgate mishap earlier in the day, according to the comments in this NBC story. "Justin" and his merry pack of Jersey mooks make the most of the situation, though.

In the video below, Justin is joined by a few other individuals to help obliterate a Porsche. Points for the girl chucking the hibachi; no points for Justin's flailing windshield leap. Oh, and the guy half-assedly kicking the bumper should really be ashamed of himself for not taking full advantage of the weaponry available to him. "Give 'im the bat!"

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