It was a dandy of a day for whoever was running the official NFL team Twitter feeds. First, the person manning @Redskins offered up a bit of unsolicited advice regarding the "awkwardness" of Tim Tebow being traded to the Jets. (You know, because THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS are in any sort of position to question another team's personnel decisions.)

Then late Wednesday night, someone took to Twitter on @nyjets to counter Drew Brees' incredulity over his team's Bountygate punishments. The offending @nyjets tweet has been deleted, but the exchange was screengrabbed for posterity. When Brees tweets that he can't believe his coach, Sean Payton, could've been suspended for the entire 2012 season, the Jets staff is there to talk some sense into Brees:

@drewbrees Know you're frustrated but if he had admitted instead of trying to cover it up, maybe Williams gets a suspended.

Oh, someone call the Wahmbulance! Get over yourself, you scrawny Super Bowl-winning pipsqueak! might have gotten across the same kind of point, but at least this was a tad more polite. Two hours after the tweet, the Jets formally apologized.


[h/t @MichaelSBerger]