New York's Other Baseball Team Sends Andrew Miller Off To Cleveland

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Just a couple of weeks ago, New York Yankees president/Donald Trump enthusiast Randy Levine asserted that “The Yankees have never been quitters.” Dubious as this claim was, if taken at face value it would suggest that under this true rich asshole the Yankees have reached an unprecedented low point, as the once-proud franchise has, at this point, definitely quit. First Aroldis Chapman was packed off to the Chicago Cubs, and now Andrew Miller is off to the Cleveland Indians in exchange for top prospects Justus Sheffield and Clint Frazier. ESPN’s Buster Olney was the first with the details:

Miller has a 2.21 ERA and 379 strikeouts in 240.1 innings since moving to the bullpen full-time in 2012 and is under contract next year for a reasonable $9 million; if you’re going to give up two top prospects for a reliever he’s the one you want. Between this move and the Chapman trade, the Yankees have gotten enormous value out of two relievers who were of no real use to them and measurably increased the likelihood of a Cubs-Indians World Series, a good development for the Omni underground bunker company.


Meanwhile, ESPN’s Andrew Marchand suggests that a full fire sale could be in the works, with the Yankees peddling the likes of Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran, and Ivan Nova. Seeing how Levine attempts to spin this as something other than his having given up like a sad, loser quitter charged with running a less-than-premium brand will be entertaining.